We develop custom high-end web/mobile applications with security and speed in mind.

About Us

We've worked in all kinds of industries, for companies of all sizes, from starts ups to billion dollar companies. Our specialization include docker, node.js, angular and the all pieces that connect them all together securely.


Application Architecture

  • Dockerfile Creation
  • nginx Optimization
  • API Gateways
  • Single Sign-on

Infrastructure & Security

  • Docker Deployments and Hardening
  • Server Hardening
  • Secret Management


  • CI/CD Setup & Deployment Strategy
  • Rolling Updates & Rollbacks
  • Centralized Logging

Custom Development

  • Angular (1+)
  • node.js
  • bash/sh
  • ansible


Project Consultation

$335 per hour. The rate is non-negotiable. All hours need to be booked ahead of time. We will require half down up front. Minimum of 6 hour (~$2,000) commitment.

Project Development

We follow CEA's Consulting Engineers Rate Guideline for all billable hours ($150 - $360/h) and required disbursements (cost + 10%). These rates are applies after a consultation, and after we choose to accept a project.


We prefer not to sign NDAs. If this is a requirement for you, there is a $3,000 fee to sign your NDA. You will need to sign our consulting agreement. It has a confidentially agreement included.


will Farrell: [email protected]

We're based out of Calgary, AB, Canada and we've been know to have drinks on the patio.